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Xcode Tutorial for Beginners - (using the new Xcode 11)

This Xcode 11 tutorial will go through all of the major areas and features of the program. By the end of the video, you'll be ready to use Xcode for app development!

1:50 Starting a new Xcode project
8:50 Main areas of the Xcode interface
12:50 Dark mode for Xcode
13:45 Navigator Area
22:15 Editor Area
28:08 Utility Area
31:45 Xcode Toolbar
35:00 Debugging in Xcode
38:05 Submitting your app

If you want to read my comprehensive guide to using Xcode, check out the resource link below:


Start your iOS app journey:

More on learning Swift:

More on SwiftUI:

More on storyboards:

More on Xcode Debugging:

More on submitting your app:

Get a customized roadmap for your app and start building it in 7 days:


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For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you subscribe and visit my site where you'll find a community of like-minded learners! Learning something new is always more fun with other people!

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CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about how to make an app. On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift, Xcode and app building from my course and materials!

Here's just a sample of the success stories my students have sent in:

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How To Make An App - Xcode Tutorial (SwiftUI)

In this Xcode tutorial, you'll get familiar with the development environment where you’ll build apps in. I’ll show you where to get Xcode and how to start a new App project. Then we’ll walk through the major areas of Xcode. I’ll explain to you what each of the files in your new project is for and we’ll end the lesson with some tips on navigating around in Xcode.

PS. This is part of the How To Make An App (SwiftUI) series. To view the full series, use the links below.


Get all of the supplemental materials, quizzes and progress tracking here:

How To Make An App playlist:

⏱ Time Stamps ⏱
00:00 Intro
00:54 Where to get Xcode
03:03 Older versions of Xcode
04:00 Starting a new project
07:04 File Navigator
07:35 Xcode Editor Area
08:05 Inspector Area
09:24 Xcode Toolbar
09:53 iOS Simulator
11:37 Your project files
14:34 Navigating in Xcode
19:34 Conclusion

About CodeWithChris

Hi I’m Chris! I’m dedicated to teaching fundamentals about how to make an app. This is important if you’re trying to land an iOS job, be a freelancer, increase or start a business with an app idea. On the site, you'll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift 5, Xcode 12 and app development from my course and materials!

Website ► https://codewithchris.com/
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Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 Xcode Build Test

In this video, I continue to test the new Apple M1, this time with a pretty large sized XCode project with lots of dependencies. (A really huge build test is also coming). This shows off some native Apple software at work on the new M1 MacBook Air as compared to the Intel Core i9 16" MacBook Pro (64GB, i9-9980HK CPU @ 2.40GHz).

▶️ Apple M1 iOS Development Setup and Simulator performance Test | Intel Core i9 Comparison -

▶️ M1 MacBook Air vs 2015 MacBook Pro Xcode Build Test -

▶️ Apple M1 and VSCode Performance -

Get the XCode benchmark code here: https://github.com/devMEremenko/XcodeBenchmark

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